Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Links To Help You Procrasinate (They Certainly Worked For Me)

I love it when Americans try to talk or write about cricket. The result is always hilarious. Note how Sreesanth is a batsman in the New York Times' world.

An excellent article on how the "liberal" media helped destroy Al Gore in 2000 by, uh, lying.

How can I not post an article which contains an audio clip of the writer snoring?

The co-author of Freakonomics not named Steve Levitt is pissed at Delta about being downgraded from first class.

While everyone at Barcelona from Henry to Zambrotta and club President Joan Laporta are offering Ronaldinho support, the former world player of the year thinks there are elements out to get him and that he might not play this week due to his "physical and mental suffering".

The Chief Minister of Balochistan praises the Army (!) for its role in the development of the province, thereby setting a new record for "most distance between what a politician says and what his constituents feel". Fazal-ur-Rahman, whose statement of support for any peace deal on Kashmir negotiated by the governments of India and Pakistan was knocked off the perch, called the CM to give his hearty congratulations and added that the CM thoroughly deserved the new record.

Google comes up with a new product.

Iverson's talkin' bout practice again (practice, man. Practice!). He says he made a mistake with that press conference. Mistake? It was the greatest three minutes of my life.

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