Saturday, September 29, 2007

Women's Rights? What Are These Women's Rights Of Which You Speak?

These are startling statistics: 52 percent of Pakistanis think that a woman's testimony should carry equal weight as a man's in a court of law. 34 percent think that women should have the same rights to divorce as men. 54 percent said they would not allow their daughters and sisters to marry of their own free will. Clearly, our problems extend beyond the reach of mere legislation - Women's Rights Bills and anti-rape laws will only go so far. As Irfan Hussain says, ultimately, Talibanisation happens in the mind.

By the way, if you happen to be in the Chicago area, and are interested in these issues, Pervez Hoodboy will be speaking on his new book The Talibanization of South Asia: Can It Be Stopped? on October 30th at UChicago. The exact address where the event will take place is:
1414 E 59th St
The International House at the University of Chicago

Come one, come all.

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