Friday, October 19, 2007

Carnage In Karachi

Write-up tomorrow. Right now, I just have two words: fucking bastards.

Photo credits: Athar Hussain (Reuters); Shakil Adil (Associated Press); Lefteris Pitarakis (Associated Press).


zeyd said...

Fucking bastards indeed. I wish that bitch had been one of the casualties. Unfortunately since when has life ever been fair?

NB said...

Fair for whom?. Though Im no fan of BB, bottom line is that Pakistan has had more than its fair share of unworthy political martyrs and assasinations.

zeyd said...

Yeah, the only downside (for me anyways) of BB's death would be her elevation to martyrdom. Fair for whom? Fair for the 140 odd activists and their families. Had their leader been one of the persished, then perhaps their individual loss may have had more meaning? I'm speculating, of course, and I'm pissed.