Monday, October 01, 2007

How Would You Like To Download Music For Free? Legally, That Is

Radiohead have released their newest album In Rainbows on their website for free. Well, not technically free. They've released it such that you pay however much you want. Pay 13 cents or 400 dollars or nothing at all, it's up to you. No, really. Seeing as how Radiohead is one of my favorite bands, and seeing as how I always, always, paid full CD-prices for all of their albums (generally between 19 and 25 bucks), I will feel absolutely no guilt in paying nothing to them. Ok, maybe I'll feel a little guilt. I'll pop over $5. Which, according to the article, is about how much they would make off a single purchase for all their other work (bands apparently see about 30% from record sales - the rest goes to the record label, a problem Radiohead don't have any longer). Combined with the fact that Vedder's solo album is finally out, this is a good month for me music-wise.

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