Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Twits, on Fox

Watch the video below. Make a note of all the incredibly stupid things that are said in it. Then go this post at Arif Rafiq's excellent blog and see if you got all of them. You may then comment your results in this post.


Ahsan said...


i got the following, not in any particular order (going by memory here).

1. BB has a home in new jersey.
2. BB made a deal with karzai, er sorry sharif, er sorry musharraf (third time's the charm i guess).
3. zab was executed because of corruption.
4. BB and NS are from the same party.
5. the electoral choices facing pakistan are islamists and marxists (are there ANY marxist parties in pakistan? ones that have more than 100 members i mean) and nothing else.
6. the right of hot pursuit is one of the oldest codified rights in international law (er no, that would be sovereignty, the exact opposite of what you're saying).

i'm sure there were others but the sound of my own laughter drowned out what they were saying at times. this was truly brilliant.

NB said...

Ok, the only other ones i got (i.e without the help of Arif Rafiqs post) were:

1) The imaginary party containing both Sharif and Benazir took money from Al Qaeda
2)Lawyers constitute a Liberal minded force in Pakistan, which he then goes on to explain is actually a conservative minded force in American terms, as they strive for limited government (this is fellatio for Fox viewers. When the hell did the 'lawyers movement' if it can be called as much, elaborate their fiscal positions?)
3)Musharraf wants to placate the corrupt politicians to avoid being assasinated.

The one about Mushes air crew was also a real zinger, though i was only able to confirm what were suspicions after reading Arif Rafiq's post.

Ahsan said...

oh yeah i noticed all three of those, just forgot to mention them.