Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mike Huckabee, Idiot

Not much time so I just want to link to this column by David Brooks, singing the praises of Mike Huckabee. All I have to say is this: how funny would it be for America to go from a President who can't pronounce the word nuclear - odd, since he's had plenty of practice - to one who doesn't believe in evolution? I mean, this is a country with possibly the best higher education system in the world, a place where the world's brightest and smartest descend to - and their leaders don't believe in facts. It's not just the evolution thing. Think about how deluded some of these people are: George Bush thinks the U.S. is "kicking ass" in Iraq and almost the entire administration believes global warming is a hoax. Whatever happened to good old facts? I think this is one of the reasons for Hillary Clinton's massive lead in the polls - by listening to her talk, you know that her decision making is influenced greatly by - what's the word? - reality. You may not agree with the implications she draws from said reality but you cannot dispute she is someone who's meticulous and thorough when it comes to being well-informed. You can imagine her as the student who always had the best researched papers in college, as opposed to Bill, who you can imagine drunk or high on a Tuesday night, sauntering into his dorm room and beginning a 20 pager at 3 a.m., handing it in at 9 and getting an A.


Asad said...

bubba clinton would not, in fact, have been high, because bubba never inhaled. duh!

NB said...

Man Bill can be well informed without being a smug prat about it. Hillary on the other hand cannot.

Shifting the burden of proof with respect to things like evolution is rhetorical genius. Proponents are then required to prove those facts beyond their fact-ness. Which is impossible.

Ahsan said...

asad: riiiiight.

nb: bill not smug? riiiiiight. good point about the need to provide proof beyond the proof though.