Saturday, October 13, 2007

What, You Mean There Might Be MORE Talent Coming To Barcelona?

Yes, it appears it might be a possibility. Goddamn, can you imagine a 20 year-old Fabregas joining his old club? I can certainly see why Barca would want to do this; clearly they don't have enough talent yet. Jokes aside, Deco is 30 years old and Fabregas would presumably play the same role as him, so perhaps Barca are thinking of the future. Plus, Fabregas doesn't have Deco's "I'm a great player but am guaranteed to do something incredibly daft every 135 minutes or so" problem. By the way, if this does happen (and for the record, it's nowhere close to happening right now), the following Barcelona players would be under the age of 25:

Messi - 20
Fabregas - 20
Bojan Krkic -17
dos Santos - 18
Yaya Toure - 24
Iniesta - 23

In addition, guys like Roaldinho, Xavi and Eto'o are in the 26-27 range. This is a scary, scary team my friends. I think God is rewarding me for having supported the likes of Pakistan, Safin and the Sixers for so long. It's payback time, methinks.


Anonymous said...

Henry wasn't enough? Leave him be. Bhainchods.

Ahsan said...

touchy, touchy.

actually because of their ages and their positions, fabregas would be much more valuable than henry to barcelona. henry is a fourth wheel (if everyone's fit, he's behind eto'o, ronaldinho and messi in the attacking pecking order), and with messi, bojan and dos santos the future strike force is secure. but deco, the midfield supplier, is getting up there. fabregas would fit nicely, yes?

plus, it IS his home club. surely you understand?

Nikhil said...

it's also the same club that didn't give him a contract. they had him - and let him go.
and henry's better than eto'o.

Ahsan said...

whether or not henry is better than eto'o is debatable to say the least (though i am inclined to agree with you). it is also unimportant; what IS important is that according to rijkaard, henry is fourth in the pecking order. maybe that changes if he keeps improving and linking up with messi the way he has been, maybe it doesnt. but im telling you what the status quo is and that is, if all four are fit, henry plays off the bench, if at all.

Faraz said...

WHO is rewarding you?

NB said...