Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Female Suicide Bombers - An Academic Study

It's been awfully dreary here at Rs. 5 lately but I have just the thing to cheer you guys up.

A friend of mine here at U of C is working on the motivations of female suicide bombers. She wrote her MA on it and it appears that her dissertation will be on the same topic. Anyway, she needed a title for her paper before she submitted it for publication. Unable to come up with one on her own, she asked her friends and family. Of course, we responded the only way we know how: in the most sexist ways possible. The following are the best suggestions Lindsey received for the title of her paper on female suicide bombers:

"Does This Belt Make Me Look Fat? A Study On Female Suicide Terrorists"
"She Bangs, She Bangs"
"Blowing Their Loads: What's Special About Female Suicide Terrorists?"
"Personal Military Strikes: The Other PMS"
"All Blown Up, And Nowhere To Go"
"Boobs Away!"
"You've Come A Long Way, Baby...Or At Least Bits Of You Have"
"Women In The Workplace: Finally Serving A Purpose"
"Calm Down Toots, Don't Blow Your Lid: A Study of Female Suicide Bombers"
"Dressed To Kill: A Study of Female Suicide Terrorists"
"No one Left To Clean Up The Mess: A Study of Female Suicide Bombers"
"I Shaved My Unibrow For This? A Study On Female Suicide Terrorists"

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NB said...

I just thought youd like to know that my freinds the college were in stitches when they read this. Non PC bastards they are, god bless em.