Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Honourable Pakistani Judge

There is no one who epitomizes the post-PCO judiciary in Pakistan then the Honurable Mr. Afzal Soomro, Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court.

Prior to taking oath as the Chief Justice, Mr. Soomro had the distinction of being under an official investigation for corruption charges, we are talking about bribes in the millions. Mr. Soomro had remained suspended for several months but as Mr. Soomro belongs to a prominent political family, he automatically has friends in 'high places' and mounting political pressure wasn't far away. Mr. Soomro, still under investigation, was reinstated to the High Court a couple of weeks prior to the imposition of emergency - and now he stands as the Highest legal authority of the province, and there are now murmurs that he may even be elevated tothe Supreme Court.

Mr. Soomro regained his honour through a single bursh stroke. He of course can't be called upon to adjudicate, not because he is allegedly corrput but because he is utterly lacking in grey matter; glorious is the day on which he is able to muster a string of words that form a coherent sentence.

The man he replaces, the Honourable Sabihuddin Ahmed, was one of the finest legal minds of the country and an unsurpassed authority on Constitutional Law. Well I guess when you no longer have a constitution, what use a judge who understands it.


NB said...

Vaisay Kabir, wont you get screwed anyway by writing articles about the inadequacies of judges, given that youve taken their names, and mentioned your own?

NB said...

Because Im sure these judges (notwisthanding your accusations of illiteracy) google themselves from time to time.

AKS said...

Problem solved, I am now to be referred to as AKS, ok NB! I get damn excited writing these things and then realise what I've written and then get jaamed for the next 3 days; an d then I repeat it. Real idiocy being exhibited here.

NB said...

Well AKS, your name is all over this blog thanks to me and Ahsan. And your profile is pretty specific too. If you see any judges hanging around donut shops and old book stores on a Sunday afternoon, its a signal that your cover is blown. Furthermore, if you wind up in Artillery Maidan with officer Resham Chuddie, its also a signal that your cover is blown.

NB said...

Also, if you wind up on the real life version of Khwaja Naveed ki Adalat, and Khwaja Naveeds pissed, your cover is blown.

Moss J said...

Why is fiverupees not mentioned in this article?


Anonymous said...

AKS Your cover really is likely to be blown , and Resham Chuddies at Artly Maidan Thana really is waiting for a maalish! Go carefully my friend! :))

AKS said...

I shall try Anon.

I have stated in the post that the Honourable Mr. Justice Afzal Soomro had political clout, I was waiting for confirmation in this regard which I have now received.

Justice Afzal Soomro is the brother of Mohammadmian Soomro, Chairman of the Senate.

Justice Soomro is of course a Judge as a result of his fine legal mind and not as a result of nepotism. In other news, I'm white.