Thursday, November 08, 2007

The MQM gets its revenge

Mr. Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany, the second highest judge of the High Court of Sindh (SHC), prior to the emergency, also happened to be heading the larger bench of the SHC that was overseeing suo moto proceedings on the May 12th Killings; the killings for which the General refused to order any official probe.

Upon imposition of the emergency the Honourable Justice was arrested and according to a source close to the agencies, handed over to the MQM with the agencies acting as mere spectators. The Judge was abused verbally and physically by the MQM workers before the agencies took charge; he remains locked up battered and bruised.

I had personally been present on a number of hearings and it was an amazing experience and had literally taken my breath away. The Court had appointed Mr. Qazi Faez Isa as Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) and he was simply phenomenal. Every detail of that day was laid bare and Mr. Justice Osmany had taken no prisoners in naming names in an attempt at exposing the killers of May 12th. The culpability of every branch of the government was slowly exposed in an extremely meticulous manner and questions asked from the Governor to the Mayor, to the head of the KPT. The Honourable Justice was extremely vocal in assailing the MQM, not just the workers who were visible, but the entire leadership. This is especially noteworthy as in the 'usual course' (the term is relative and informed by the particular history of Pakistan) in that the Judges did not just order the arrests of the killers they were attempting to unearth where the orders came from, both within the government and within the MQM.

The media played a big role in this case, these were after all killings witnessed, live, by the entire country. Justice Osmany and his fellow judges took the unprecedented measure of asking all media outlets to provide video submissions; hours and hours of footage was submitted by Geo, Aaj and ARY and then assessed by the Judges. Journalists were also allowed within the court room whereas news cameras could be positioned outside so that the lawyers could be interview right after the hearing. This was a case that was accessible to the public and the judges persistence had ensured that May 12th wasn't easily forgotten.

The MQM had earlier tried to halt proceedings by sending hundreds of their workers into the Court Room, the MQM lawyers including Mr. Khwaja Naveed then submitted testimony from around 700 MQM workers stating that the MQM was innocent and had instead been attacked. This was a despicable attempt by the MQM lawyers to delay the matter tremendously and force the Court into taking measures that would divert the limelight. And it worked partially as the Court had no option but to stop Public Access during the hearing, only lawyers were allowed. Even then Mr. Jusice Osmany ensured that media personnel would be allowed in the Court so that they could report the progress.

It had become clear that the Judges would not cower and an Order against the MQM and the Government was due. What had also helped was the symbolic action by the Supreme Court against police officials in Islamabad, and though much derided by the General, had set the precedent that no one was above the law.

Well so much for that. The Judge heading this inquest is being abused and his whereabouts unknown. Oh and those despicable MQM lawyers, two of them have been appointed as judges of the Sindh High Court to replace the sacked Honourable Justices. Welcome to the era of the Honourable Mr. Justice Khwaja Naveed.
Earlier in this post, it was stated that Sarmad Jalal Osmanis son had also been picked up. However that was incorrect as it was outside our knowledge as to whats happening to Justice Osmani's family, It was actually Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali's son who had been picked. The portion about Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany himself however is true to the best of our knowledge, and it has been verified.


Anonymous said...

um..the text is beyond tiny in my that just me or did you do something silly kabir??

Ali Kabir said...

silliness rectified

mobi said...

is that the same khawaja naveed that has that show on TVone, "khawaja naveed ki adalat"? I thought the guy with the show was a punjabi...maybe you could post a link with his pic?

NB said...

Yep its the same Khwaja Naveed. You can see his picture here:

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this info. I tried to search on the web to verify this independently, but failed. Some pointers would be appreciated. If this is true the whole world needs to be made aware of this.

mobi said...

The very same Khawaja Naveed, an MQM attack hound? Now I HAVE seen everything. I am shocked. Shocked, I tell ya...He WAS a pretty funny schmuck on TV though...Oh, why must you be so voluptuous and comic, Khawaja Naveed? So much like a bizarre morphing of Homer, Krusty and Fat Tony...Its sad.

NB said...

Well he was the MQM's lawyer, but theres nothing to suggest that he approves or is happy about what is happening to Justice Osmany. Im guessing hes probably even a little scared by it.

SDuraiz said...

pata kya yaar.
somebody just shoot me. please.
i have seen it all.
hum kuch thik nahi kar saktay.
i donno why i keep thinking on those line.
just end it. shoot me. please