Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Musharraf Speaks To The NYT

A number of real doozies in this interview. We're treated to gems like
I know what they [Pakistanis] feel about the emergency when all these suicide bombings were taking place. Their view is, Why have I done it so late.

You go and meet human rights activists. Ninety percent of them may have never cast their votes. They sleep on the day of elections.

The media is independent. We have taken certain actions against the media because we want to bring some responsibility to them.

Popular emergency, lazy human rights activists, independent media. Got it. It's all clear to me now. Thanks, Mushy! You always were so good at explaining things.

Update: Here's a nine minute video clip of excerpts from the interview.


AKS said...

He's gone on a real foreign media bender. According to Dawn Mush was interviewed by an American TV Channel wherein he stated:

“Is democracy more important than Pakistan?”


“When the nation is about to be declared a failed state, tell me whether the (restoration) of so-called democracy is important or efforts to save the country,” he asked and then himself replied: “Of course it is important to save the country.”

Well Mush I wonder how we got into this mess.

Lets see: things have gotten real bad in the last 2-3 years? Wheras you've been in power for the last 8years. So who should we hold responsible - the lawyers and the media, of course!

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Anonymous said...

BTW , I think its absolutely true about the activists not being active on election day! Have not met many who vote! Mostly it's "there was'nt anyone I thought was worth getting out for!"