Friday, December 28, 2007

Breaking News: Rangers Given Shoot-At-Sight Orders

DawnNews is reporting that Rangers (a paramilitary organization) have been given shoot-at-sight orders against arsonists in Sindh.

UPDATE at 08:40 GMT: There are numerous reports of violence and rioting taking place all over the country in towns and cities alike. Sindh's situation is deteriorating more rapidly than other areas, and the Rangers have been deployed in Thatta (a rural town in Sindh). Mobs have generally taken to damaging and burning motor vehicles (buses, vans, cars, motorbikes) and offices of the PML-Q and the MQM around the country. A news item on Aaj showed how the country has come to a complete standstill: businesses and offices are shuttered up, schools and colleges shut, the Karachi stock exchange closed, and all transport off the road. I also saw a ticker-tape item on DawnNews (whose coverage, by the way, has been superb) saying that three PPP workers have been shot dead by the police. Regardless of how disorderly PPP supporters might be at this point, is it really a good idea for the police to be killing PPPers the day after their leader was assassinated?

UPDATE at 08:48 GMT: In election news, caretaker Prime Minister Soomro has said that elections will be held on time. As many will know, Nawaz Sharif's PML-N decided to boycott the elections last night. The MQM, meanwhile, has asked for the elections to be postponed.

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AKS said...

This is crazy...and somehow I dont see what other option they have. The PPP thugs have gone completely insane, just the number of people who have been killed, murdered, in cold blood and with sickening brutality.

I spoke to someone at the office and was told that one of our client's factory in Korangi was burnt to the ground with 7 people burnt alive inside!

A large number of factory workers had decided to stay on site rather than try returning home when a mob broke down the gates and started beating down everyone and trashing the entire place; and the place in question is a sprawling complex housing one of the largest garment factory in Pakistan. This is a testament to the fact that we are no longer talking about a handful of unruly teenagers but an urban militia.

Surely militias are the domain of the MQM? But you know what, I cant imagine the MQM being this bad.

I mean these guys trashed the EDHI Village, burnt Ambulances and beat up disabled children who call the Edhi Village their home!