Friday, December 28, 2007

Interior Ministry: BB Didn't Die From Bullet Wound

I just saw a spokesperson from the Ministry of Interior claiming that Benazir didn't die as a result of a gunshot but from hitting her head against the sun-roof lever in her car. The government is also stating it has strong proof of al-Qaeda's involvement in the assassination. In other news, the Army has moved into Sindh and Benazir was buried after Friday prayers today amidst scenes of anguish and despair.

In Rs.5 news, I will be traveling over the next 24 hours or so. I am actually headed out of the country. No, I'm not running away - though I will concede the timing is extraordinarily convenient...or extraordinarily inconvenient, depending on how you look at it. I'm actually going back to school. Luckily for our readers, AKS should be returning from his vacation tomorrow, refreshed and (hopefully) ready to blog - internet connection and AKS' incredible laziness notwithstanding.


Anonymous said...

It’s all shrouded in mystery. Why did she return? Who directed her to take an openly anti-taliban stance before being elected to leadership knowing well enough the danger and threat of the taliban menace? What was Karzai doing in Pakistan the day she was assassinated?

Has she been knowingly served as a bait to the assassins? Why was she in exile for eight years? Who decided that she be allowed to return? Who was dictating Pakistani politics? Who was behind the militarisation of Pakistan?

It seems that after Mujib, Gandhi and Bhutto it’s their children who are being targetted. Who is behind destabilisation of Pakistan? How will the region stop the spillover of the taliban-US war into the whole region?

Pakistanis have to seriously do a lot of soul searching to answer the questions.Rest of the world especially China, India and Russia have to rethink and reorient their military and security options in the region since a civil war torn nuclearised Pakistan could be the biggest threat to her next door neighbors.

American involvement in the region is fanning the flames of militancy-based islamic terorism instead of dousing it. Taliban has infiltrated Pakistan including it’s army. There’s a real danger of islamic terrorism being exported to restive regions of China and Russia, India and Bangladesh.

The Bush administration has totaly failed to contain the monster it had created to fight the Russians in he 80s. It can no longer be allowed to play with fire in the backyard of Asian superpowers. It is very likely that the Americans will face new strategic dilemmas in the region and may have already sunk into a quicksand. It may have no other option but to sit with the regional powers to seek a graceful exit in someone else's geopolitical arena to save it's skin.

Therefore, it’s high time that these countries immediately convene a summit outside the UN to take up the Pakistan conflagration and immediately address it by restoring a democratic government, detoxify the recalcitrant anti-people army and put Pakistani nuclear weapons under joint Russian-Chinese supervision.It is in South Asia’s interest that Pakistan’s integrity and sovereignity is restored quickly through true democracy, though ironically by active engagement of two countries which are either undemocratic or newly democratising!

America’s duplicity and double standard in foreign policy is hurting the cause of democracy in South Asia. China and Russia should pursue a more active foreign polcy in the region before it’s too late. A nuclear mishap will devastate not only the South-Southeast Asian economies badly but also impact our long term environment and health matters.

Anonymous said...

good luck getting out, i've been stuck at jinnah airport nearly a day now. these wateen net kiosks are keeping me sane!


afrasiyab said...

They have changed their story now. Apparently it is not important "HOW" she died. It is now more important to find out who killed her.

Anonymous said...

the French (as well as Swiss and German) national TV evening news programs opened the news with headlines stating that: Al-Quaeda has 'officially' denied ANY involvement in the attack/suicide bombing.

Emphasis was brought on the fact that this is the very first time 'Al-Quaeda' is denying involvement!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Pakistani Government denied foreign help in finding out who is responsible clearly shows Musharraf to be responsible.

Musharraf has killed democracy by killing Benazir. If the people of Pakistan have any respect, they should hold him responsible.

Anonymous said...

If Musharraf is talking, he is lying.

There is never a truthful word to come out of his ugly mug.

If the Dictator is talking, he is lying.