Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come On Over, Didier

So Drogba has set of a firestorm of press coverage by saying last week that he'd like to play for Barcelona and form a partnership with Eto'o. Now Chelsea have reacted, saying they'd like Messi in return. Um, sorry, that's not happening. As reports suggest, they can have Ronaldinho and his fat rear end but Messi? Forget it. If you factor in age, talent, ability to win games single-handedly, and attitude, Messi is the world's most valuable player (and I submit, the best too). In other words, in an open market, he would easily command the highest transfer fee of any player in the world, and it wouldn't even be close. No way Barca would give up Messi - a full ten years younger than Drogba, by the way - to Chelsea.

It would be nice, I concede, to see Drogba in Barca colors but a more important acquisition for Barca this summer would be someone like Fabregas, a guy who can control the midfield and funnel balls forward. Against the top teams - and this was woefully apparent in El Clasico - Barca sometimes lack imagination in midfield, especially with Deco struggling (and by most accounts, on his way out because of his various issues). The problem is that the powers-that-be at Arsenal are not as retarded as the ones at Chelsea, where Ronaldinho is likely to attract real interest, even though he couldn't run past a telephone pole at this point.

But yeah, Drogba would nice.


ahmadzak said...

you're saying that he would be more expensive than Kaka or Cristiano!? and he's better than them? Messi has the capability to score amazing goals and win some games, but he can't take barca all the way, even though they have eto and henry playing aside him. i think alex the duck is the boy everyones going to be looking at now.

Ahsan said...

that's exactly what i'm saying. he is a significantly better player than christiano ronaldo. ask any neutral observer and they'll tell you the same. kaka is a brilliant player, no doubt, but he's about 5-6 years older than messi, which is why messi would command a higher fee.

the one blemish - and it's a major one, if i'm being honest - is his inability to stay fit. he suffers a serious injury pretty much every year which takes some luster off the final product.

as for alex the duck, yes he is an exciting prospect. but let's wait a few months, if not years, before we anoint him, shall we?

asfand said...

milan were passing the ball to pato every bloody time they got it in an effort to score, not to mention that he missed 2-3 sitters too.

Cool finish, no doubt, but the hype on the poor kid's head is ridiculous. I guess Milan need people to focus on Pato rather than the fact that they're a shambles.

Ronaldo >>> Messi, btw.

Messi may possess better decision making skills and a smaller ego (on the field, atleast), but Ronaldo's been doing a lot more than Messi has.

To say he is a "significantly" better player, however, smacks of the Barca jersey you're wearing.

And why would you want Drogba!?

Also I don't think you need Fabregas, more like Van Der Vaart. You already have Iniesta and Xavi :o

Anonymous said...

i would say cris ronaldo is a better player than him at the moment, as is kaka who may be less valuable though.

I dont think barca even need drogba, but i would love it if they took him off the hands of chelsea.

i would love it even more of they were able to pinch fabregas off the hands of arsenal- being a spurs fan anything that hampens the progress of the other london sides gives me a sense of pleasure.

tottenham are one of the teams interested in deco- would faint if we landed him but i suppose that is a bit of a long-shot.

Ahsan said...

ok, so maybe i exaggerated a little bit when i said messi is "significantly better" than ronaldo. but i'm telling you guys, you have to watch this dude on a regular basis. he's simply unbelievable.

fabregas isn't going anywhere, not for now anyway. as for deco, anon1127, he'll very much be available this summer i suspect. barca are sick of him and ronaldinho and their bullshit. he won't even command that much of a fee...definitely within spurs' reach.

Anonymous said...

While Messi is a phenomenal player, I don't think anyone is playing better than Cristiano TODAY.

22 goals at this stage of the English season is an unbelievable pace...unheard of for a midfielder even.

And keep your hands off of Cesc, I think one Goon talisman a decade is quite enough!

Ahsan said...

look, i'm perfectly willing to concede that ronaldo is playing better than messi at this point. you know why? BECAUSE MESSI'S NOT FRIGGING PLAYING RIGHT NOW. dude came back today off the bench after being out for over a month. at the beginning of the season, he was scoring one a game, not to mention setting up henry, eto'o and ronaldinho like he was a fucking waiter. so please, some respect.

secondly, and more importantly (this is the reason i can't really respect ronaldo), CR needs a certain type of manager for him to play well. a guy who wouldn't hesitate to bench him if he starts playing selfishly or throw a hairdryer or two in his direction (witness his complete crappiness and refusal to pass the ball when playing for portugal). ronaldo is inherently a selfish player who needs a big-boss type to keep him in check. messi, on the other hand, is INTRINSICALLY a great decision maker, and would play brilliant football for ferguson, rijkaard, mourinho or my 3 year old niece. that's the difference.

anyway, we're splitting hairs here. i suppose we can all agree to disagree and say messi, kaka and ronaldo are close enough to each other for us to make any definitive judgments. does that make everyone happy?