Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If You Need Any More Convincing That Democrats Should Nominate Obama

John Edwards' favorite show is Law and Friggin Order. Clinton's is Grey's Godawful Anatomy. Obama? The Wire.

Seriously, how can you not vote for this guy?

UPDATE: Dennis Kucinich apparently loves Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I wonder if he ever saw this Jason Jones report on the Daily Show.


Farooq said...

How could we NOTE vote for him after seeing the credibility he gains through watching a semi-respectable show.

I myself would note have note voted for him. However, the fact remains i can note vote as I am note an American citizen.

If that was note the case I doubt I would have note voted for him.

You should note jump to such conclusions.

Anonymous said...


Ahsan said...

duly corrected.

Anonymous said...

i don't get it....what's good about the wire? i don't watch it. or was this sarcastic?

Ahsan said...


the wire is a real television show about real things with real characters. grey's anatomy, on the other hand, is a chick flick. not just any chick flick, but the worst chick flick ever, primarily because unlike other chick flicks which usually last 90 minutes or so, it has lasted four or five years.

let me tell you something about grey's anatomy. i watched an episode in its first season and then promised myself i would never watch it again because of the interminable fluff and puppy dog bullshit it contained. however, during the summer of 2007, i had nothing better to do (summers in khi will do that to you, esp when almost none of your friends live there) and so conducted a mini-social experiment: exactly how many times would the show, in about 45 minutes of airtime, make me roll my eyes? as it transpired, the answer was 13 (including opening credits).

so i ask you, anon946: should you elect someone who professes to like a 4 year long chick flick that makes you roll your eyes an average of 13 times in 45 minutes?

Anonymous said...

i'm not a huge fan of any US presidential hopeful, although i probably should pay close attention vis-a-vis the effect on pakistan. at the face of it, it sounds silly judging a presidential candidate on their TV shows - what differences are there really between them? cultural choices over abortion and gay rights?

i never gave 'the wire' a chance, i saw posters for it all over the city, but it seemed too much to me like another frickin '24' or 'sleeper cell' type wannabe-topical drama. i'll check out an episode or two before i make a decision.

Ahsan said...


i humbly suggest that vis-a-vis pakistan, we should all hope for an obama-biden or obama-bloomberg ticket. such an administration would be restrained, sane, and progressive with regard to foreign policy in general and pakistan in particular. most importantly, obama actually understands and thinks about the world rather than the issuing bullshit platitudes about it. he's easily the most intelligent candidate out there, and the one i feel most comfortable with.

any of the republicans would be an unmitigated disaster. especially dangerous are romney and guilani. you can expect an attack/war in pakistan if either of those two is elected.

asfand said...

Romney's an utter twat.

I liked his attacks on Huckabee (I think), only for when Huckabee got tired and had a glib-esque go Romney decided to act like the saint.

Quite trivial playground bullshit.

Either way, for some reason I wish Gravel wasn't a 148 year old bastard.

Shariq said...

The wire is possibly the greatest show ever and I've only seen Season 4 and the first half of Season1!

I agree with Ahsan, that the fact that Obama watches the Wire says a lot about him. I know this sounds absurd but The Wire is such a good show that pretty much anyone who watches it is evangelical about it.

One thing though. I absolutely don't believe that Gray's Anatomy is Hillary's favourite show. I would put money on it being a cynical answer aimed to get the women's vote.