Sunday, January 06, 2008

More On The Benazir Assassination

There's a really good article in The Guardian on the investigation of the killing. I highly, highly recommend reading the whole thing, even for those who are intimately aware of the details of the case. Here's a snippet that caught me by surprise.
Now officials are considering the possibility that Bhutto turned her head after she heard the first shot and was then hit on the right side by the second or third shots.

Another possibility is that the doctors missed an entry wound on Bhutto's left side. 'The doctor [Mohammad Khan] was asked, 'Did you examine the other side of her head?' He said, 'I didn't have time. They all thought there would be an autopsy,' the government official said.

They didn't examine the other side of her head? For lack of time?! What else, pray tell, did Mohammad Khan have to do that evening? Was he going to a wedding? Kid's birthday party perhaps? This entire thing gets stranger and stranger by the day. Sometimes I get the feeling we're all characters in an Oliver Stone movie, except in this case the gross exaggerations and miscasting of historical fact are superfluous: our reality is crazy enough.

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shafi said...

Does it matter where Bhutto got shot? Its about time everybody moved on to more important issues. Like the survival of Pakistan perhaps?
Do we want to be on the map? If we do then who is going to lead us. Who is going to save us from this crisis?