Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Pertinent Set Of Questions

From our favorite Pakistan political commentary blog:
Clearly, Musharraf is most moved by the deterioration of law and order, which he sees ultimately as an attack on his power. The murder of a two-time prime minister near the seat of the army, in his view, is now a peripheral matter. If it was truly primary, he would announce an independent commission, formed in concert with the opposition, to supervise the investigation.

Moreover, if he truly believes that Baitullah Mehsud is responsible for the murder of a former Pakistani prime minister, shouldn’t he have announced that the army would make a renewed, aggressive attempt to apprehend Mehsud, try him before a court of law, and – if convicted – execute him? Is not the murder of a former prime minister, in effect, an act of treason?


asfand said...

fan of Low? If so, you would without doubt shoot up my largely tiny list of favourite bloggers.

If not, i'm afraid you'd have to suffice with languishing near the middle; the mediocrity.

I doubt its age, more so your apparently strenous work schedule (or not, considering how you've got the time to make multiple blog posts in a day!).

Either way, I feel like knowing what facebook application's Bilawal has on his profile. If he's got either the funwall/superwall or more than 3-4, then i'm afraid we'll have to make sure he doesn't attain any 'thrones' in Pakistan.

asfand said...

oops :\

Anonymous said...

What morgue does Busharraf always dig up these severed heads of the "bombers"??

Isn't it interesting that the severed heads are always in perfect condition, yet the rest of their bodies blown to bits.


NB said...

I smell a conspiracy (theory).

Ahsan said...

i don't think AR is implying a conspiracy theory or anything of the sort. i think he is pointing out that our president should be slightly more concerned with the murder of a two term prime minister and the leader of the nation's biggest party than he appears to be.

Ahsan said...

oops, just realized your comment was directed at anon312, not AR. i'm dumb.