Friday, January 04, 2008

Quote of the Day

Having seen a picture of Bilawal Bhutto dressed up as the Devil for a costume party (shown here), the 24 year old Maulana Mohavya Irshad of the Lal Masjid had this to say:

"Bilawal has become the target for those who killed Benazir Bhutto. His party (PPP) has to take extra care of him and look after his security"

"At this time, I don't know much about Bilawal. I only know he is a liberal person and that is deviation from Islam. True Muslims will not allow him to go against Islam,"

"These true Muslims will be horrified to see this image of Bilawal dressed as the devil with a pretty girl in his arm at a decadent party at Oxford University"

Right. So actually being a true manifestation of evil isn't a crime punishable by death, but dressing up as one is. I should add that in previous interviews Mr Irshad has stated his willingness to suicide bomb things in the name of what he thinks is Islam.

I should also add that Mr Irshad is of the opinion that the girl is cute.


Anonymous said...

Soon the son will have to do what the mother always did, pretend she was Pakistani.

ayla said...

I don't know why dude but this post made me laugh!

Ahsan said...

she's got 80s eyebrows but yeah other than that, i agree with the maulana - she's cute.

ahmadzak said...

i wonder how many 'cuter' girls go after him when he returns to Oxford for the 2nd term.

Ahsan said...


that was my first thought too....that leaving all else aside, his catapulting to the top of the PPP will do wonders for his sex life.

but then you also have to consider that now his every move will be watched. i wonder how much partying etc he will be allowed to do by his guardians within the PPP. he can't be seen schmoozing with all sorts if he wants to be something in pakistani politics. just ask imran khan.

NB said...

@Anon - Hmm... Im not going to agree or disagree, Ill just say that hes about as Pakistani as many of the expat readers on this blog.

@Ayla - It is funny. I for one would be quite happy to be dressed as the devil with a pretty girl in my arm at a decadent party at Oxford University.

Probably many, given the facebook community Ahsan mentioned.


Dude Imran Khan was a player and people love him for it. The MQM (not exactly a fundie party) only started on the adultery crap, once he took issue with Altaf over the May 12th carnage, and threatened to take legal action against him in the UK. And even then, the graffiti in Karachi highlighting his adultery was wiped off within a few days BY MQM workers on Altaf's orders because it was reflecting badly on them within the city. As for the fundies, Imran is currently allied with the JI, so clearly they could care less.

My point is, Pakistani men take pride in their leaders getting busy with foreign women. Its good for our reputation. Just as long as he doesnt do it while being dressed as Satan.

Now if it was either of Benazir's daughters on the other hand, it'd be a different story.

Ahsan said...

that's a fair comment.

shafi said...

agree with nb too