Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stuff To Help You Procrasinate

Long day at work with no end in sight? Want to get started on a paper but can't bring yourself to do so? Need to run some errands but find that your ass seems glued to your chair? Fret not, I'm here to help.

Armed and Stupid deciphers a weird story about beatings with sticks, fortune-tellers, the Chaudhries, and the former Chief Justice.

The Washington Post has a great story on how the Clintons are destroying the Democratic Party by basically lying about Obama. I'm not even American, and these shenanigans have pissed me off no end. They need to stop, but they won't.

A born-and-raised American who's converted to Islam asked one of the contributors to Karachi Metblogs if they should move to Karachi with two daughters. I would say: sure. Once the effect of the lack of electricity and regular running water, the preponderance of crime and mobile-snatching, the completely insane traffic, the strikes, the political violence, the religious violence, and bombs have worn off, the cheap DVDs are really worth it. Go for it, Mr. American. Go for it.

In the midst of one of Pakistan's gravest political crises, Irfan Hussain finds time to write about, uh, food critics in Europe.

Adrian Wojnarowski says Shaq should retire. I'm actually enjoying Miami's demise way too much for me to agree.

Musharraf says finding Osama is not a real priority for Pakistan's security forces. Perhaps he should have considered how that statement might play out in the West before he made it, especially since he's always so concerned with our image. Make sure to read the comments in response to the article too - they're hilarious.

How can I not link to an article whose headline is "Rijkaard: Ronaldinho's Not Fat, But Ronaldo Was"?

Nasim Ashraf calls the phadda between the team management and the selectors a "healthy debate." Clearly the entire PCB went to the George Orwell School of Euphemisms. In my opinion, our entire team should be remade. Shoaib, Afridi, Malik, Rao, and Akmal should be banished from both forms of the game (20-20 is not a form of the game). Yousuf should be dropped from the ODI team and Dani from the test team. In ODIs, Younis should captain a young, hungry team with the likes of this Jamshed fellow, Sohail Khan, the young keeper Sarfraz, Fawad Alam, and a couple of those U-19 guys who won us that World Cup. In tests, we should see a healthy mix of old and young. Really, what do we have to lose? Our no. 8 ranking?

Here's how you know you're doing well: when your biggest issue seems to be that too much money is coming in to your country. God, what would I do to have India's problems right now?


Asad said...

"Don’t be ridiculous. Cabs don’t go to Brooklyn!"

... classic.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of India, I found this development in cricket quite exciting...