Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Isn't 1989, And It Damn Well Isn't Berlin

So apparently Palestinians in Gaza have had enough with being slowly squeezed to death. A couple of days ago, they used bulldozers to simply break the friggin' wall separating them and what approaches normal, decent, civilized living conditions in Egypt where, you know, there's food and all. Anyway, the only country more pissed off than Egypt is, of course, Israel. Check out this excerpt from the BBC story:
Israel had demanded Egypt take action, as it is worried about arms smuggling.

Egypt may now have to consider talks with Hamas, which it has previously ruled out, our correspondent adds.

Israeli officials said police were on increased alert because of warnings about infiltration and fears that militants will acquire more weapons in Egypt.

Hey, assholes: they're not there to get more weapons. They're there to get petrol and and food and all sorts of other things they need to live which they can't get because, well, I'm pretty sure you know (hint: it rhymes with Shisraeli Trockade). Besides, there's more than enough weapons in Gaza, so you don't really need to be worrying about this.

That's not to say it's all about the bare essentials. Check out what Mr. Muhammad al-Hirakly had to say:
We tried to go there [Cairo], to see the big city and our family there, and also the girls.

I think we can excuse him, yes? The dude is 22 after all.

Map credit: BBC.

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M Junaid Khan said...

Amazing effort to highlight the plight of the Gazans. I totally support you in this effort. Keep writing.
M Junaid Khan
By the way i also wrote a related story this morning on the Gazans issue. You can check it out at my page.