Thursday, January 10, 2008

This News Will Doubtless Reassure Many

Some of you may remember an attack on a Pakistan Air Force bus late last year that killed 8 people and wounded about 40. Well, they caught the mastermind of the operation. Turns out, he's a retired army major.
LAHORE, Jan 8: Intelligence agents on Tuesday claimed arresting an Al Qaeda-linked militant and six of his associates in connection with an attack on a bus of the Pakistan Air Force in November that killed eight people and wounded about 40 others.

The suspect, identified as Ahsanul Haq, is a retired army major, an official said. He was caught in Lahore last month following the attack in Sargodha, the official said.

Mr Haq told security forces the name of the bomber, who belonged to an outlawed militant group, the security official said.

Remember, kids: there is no nexus between militant groups on the one hand and our armed forces and intelligence agencies on the other. None whatsoever.

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