Monday, January 14, 2008

A Very Wide Ranging Interview Of Musharraf

There's a lot said in this Newsweek interview of President Musharraf by Fareed Zakaria, much of it a rehearsed back-and-forth between Western journalists and people tied to the establishment in Pakistan. As usual, it by and large focuses on elections and the security situation in Pakistan. While important issues, I wish these high-flying journalists who are lucky enough to get a sit-down with Mush would ask him questions relating to subjects that are important to Pakistanis but are never raised because he never actually talks to Pakistani journalists at length. Like: food shortages, rampant inflation, and shortfalls in electricity supply, for starters.

Anyway, go read the interview, it's a good way to kill 5-10 minutes. I can promise you there's definitely one laugh-out-loud line in there (it's do with, of all things, chocolate).

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