Thursday, February 07, 2008

If You're Wondering Why Some Americans May Struggle With Their Weight

I now introduce you to the bacon-wrapped hot dog. Condiments and heart attacks are complimentary.

Link from Andrew Sullivan.


Anonymous said...

The US is one big NANNY STATE - working overtime protecting us from ourselves. It is like having a nanny as a child, watching over us 24/7.

What happened to personal freedom ? You ain't going to find it in the big Nanny State.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of the Heart Attack Grill, serving the 8000 calories Quadruple Bypass Burger. Only this time its legal.

Ahsan said...


far be it from me to jump into a discussion on politics from hot dogs, but eating crap food, getting obese, and then dying is not about personal freedom. people may *think* that their individual choices on what to eat have no bearing on other people do, and should therefore be allowed to do whatever they want, but that's simply not true. for instance, if you eat crappy food, you're more likely to fall sick. if you're more likely to fall sick (and that too in a country where close to one sixth of the population is uninsured and a further signficant chunk is under-insured) you're more likely to go to the emergency room and drive up health premiums for everyone else. so there's a very direct relation between what X eats and what Y pays for insurance. if the population on the whole was healthier, everyone would be better off (except for the insurance companies). so this isn't about nanny-statism, this is about ensuring the socially optimal outcome.

similar arguments have been used to forestall any effort on combatting global warming. but they simply don't hold water.

AKS said...

Has anyone here tried one? It really doesn't look all that appetizing

Anonymous said...

Don't ya kinda wish they served these heart attack hot dogs in the Bush White House.