Friday, February 22, 2008

NYT: CIA Base In Pakistan; Musharraf Gave U.S. Greater Leeway To Conduct Military Operations In Tribal Areas

Ok, I know I was supposed to go to bed, but please check this story out in the NYT. In some ways, it only confirms what all of us thought we knew. But man, is this a political grenade or what? Here are some excerpts:

WASHINGTON — American officials reached a quiet understanding with Pakistan’s leader last month to intensify secret strikes against suspected terrorists by pilotless aircraft launched in Pakistan, senior officials in both governments say. But the prospect of changes in Pakistan’s government has the Bush administration worried that the new operations could be curtailed.

Among other things, the new arrangements allowed an increase in the number and scope of patrols and strikes by armed Predator surveillance aircraft launched from a secret base in Pakistan — a far more aggressive strategy to attack Al Qaeda and the Taliban than had existed before.


In the weeks before Monday’s election, a series of meetings among President Bush’s national security advisers resulted in a significant relaxation of the rules under which American forces could aim attacks at suspected Qaeda and Taliban fighters in the tribal areas near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

The change, described by senior American and Pakistani officials who would not speak for attribution because of the classified nature of the program, allows American military commanders greater leeway to choose from what one official who took part in the debate called “a Chinese menu” of strike options.

Instead of having to confirm the identity of a suspected militant leader before attacking, this shift allowed American operators to strike convoys of vehicles that bear the characteristics of Qaeda or Taliban leaders on the run, for instance, so long as the risk of civilian casualties is judged to be low.

The new, looser rules of engagement may have their biggest impact at a secret Central Intelligence Agency base in Pakistan whose existence was described by American and Pakistani officials who had previously kept it secret to avoid embarrassing President Pervez Musharraf politically.

That wouldn't happen to be the same Musharraf who according to the NYT has not been serious about fighting militancy, is it? Couldn't be.


Farooq said...

Mush is a Don!
What a killer move and what a canny time to make it. I dont see the coalition government having the balls, or authority, to repudiate this agreement. SOMEONE in the PPP will be cognisant about the fact that you risk alienating your biggest foreign donor if you mess with the President now. I still think the guy will be in office even after the Senate is re-elected next year.

Man it makes me reaaaaally happy to know how SUPER PISSED Imran Khan will be when he gets wind of this news.

Anonymous said...

And a week or two ago the NYT wrote that the U.S. has been and will increase unilateral attacks in Pakistan. I think they're bipolar.