Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Retarded Photo of the Day

This is Mehran Bank in Tehran. The photo may be dated, but the ATM is for real. The Iranian dude in the extra tight pants is also for real.


Anonymous said...

well its one way to make sure the person behind cant see you type in your pin number!

Ahsan said...

i'm simply not quite sure what to make of this. *how* did this come about? my best guess is that the wall where the ATM should have been was constructed in such a way as to preclude wiring in it or something, so they decided to just shift it up a notch (you can notice a difference in material in the two surfaces). but if that was true, they could have easily put it next to the little plant/flower on the right.

i'm going to be thinking about this the rest of the day. thanks a lot NB.

Anonymous said...

"retarded" is not politically correct and could offend someone who has a child that truly is "retarded."

but, funny picture. ehehehehe

Impeach Bush !!!

alimate said...

hahahah look at his tight pant shirt!

btw, you guys should read this!