Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rumours of unrest in Karachi

Rumours are circulating that a high ranking member of the ANP has been killed. There are reports of incidents of gun fire at Numaish, Gurumandir, Saddar, University Road, Malir, Al-Falah and Shah Faisal Colony.

People were already tense as tomorrow happens to be Benazir's 'chaliswan' - 40th day after her death which brings to end the traditional period of mourning. This news has panicked people at the office and most people are wrapping up work and rushing home.

Traffic on Shahrah-e-Faisal going towards the Airport is heavy but towards Metropole is very light.


In other news, BBC is reporting that the temperature in Karachi tonight will fall to -2. This will be the first time in recorded history (since 1931) that the temperature has fallen below freezing.

Click here to check the BBC forecast and here to access the Pakistan Met Office Archives.


Anonymous said...

According to (and CNN Weather) temperature lows will be around 8-9C. I'm not in Karachi so I don't know how cold it actually is there but 8-9C sounds a lot more believable than -2C.

AKS said...

It was definitely colder than 8-9, that's for sure but maybe not -2. Its been windy so perhaps the BBC forecast is inclusive of wind-chill.