Monday, February 18, 2008

Some News Trickling In

Apologies for the lack of posts on election day. Our only contributor currently in Pakistan, AKS, is stricken with internet issues. Anyway, he just sent me two texts and I thought I would relay them.

1. Fazlur rahman's lost, sheikh rashid and the chauhdrys are trailing. anp has swept nwfp, ppp sind, lahore pml n.

2. I visited about 10 polling stations in different areas of khi. city was deserted. low voter turnout but not non-existent. almost everyone i know voted.

For on-the-ground information, I'm afraid that's all we have at present. You, the readers, can of course help by going to the comments section with news, views, your thoughts on the day in general, random stories you've heard, and other such tidbits.

Oh, and before I forget. Below, a voter in Karachi, who urges you to "Check it out you assclowns - for all your political gusto, I am the one actually out there trying to make a difference, rocking the vote. While others theorize or demonize the outcome, im doing the best a common man can." Indeed, common man. Indeed.

UPDATE: More texts from AKS:

3. polling stations were chill and nicely exciting in the morning but when i went in the afternoon it had become more tense.

4. i witnessed a higher turnout in defense, clifton than tariq road and gulshan. things also got more tense here perhaps because there's a close fight.

5. Political affiliations aside, the ppp volunteers at the polling stations were real thugs. i'm sure the mqm guys were equally dangerous but they didn't look it.

6. punjab is being divided between pmln and ppp. ppp has baluchistan, fair number of independents though. as things stand pmlq will only have 10 percent of the na.

7. key pmlq people sherpao, liaquat jatoi, faisal saleh hayat, omer ayub khan are all losing. mma has been trounced in the frontier.

8. nawaz and zardari have spoken. pmln will support a ppp govt in punjab and centre if they nominate aitzaz for pm, impeach mush and restore judges. dawn news.

9. retard ayaz amir, of dawn, [Ahsan: I don't think he writes for Dawn anymore, by the way] is winning a na seat on the pmln ticket!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Chaudhry Shujaat has lost his constituency.

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bubs said...

Fazlur Rehman has lost his seat in DI Khan but there is another one in Bannu that he is likely to win. We aren't rid of him yet.