Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stuff To Keep You Busy If You Aren't Already Busy

Links for today:

Struggling to think of ways to spend Rs. 600 million in five years on discretionary spending? Let Arbab Rahim and Ali Muhammad Maher give you some ideas.

Though exercise may make you feel good, and may make you healthier, there's no evidence it'll help you lose weight.

Aerosmith is in trouble, if this news report is any indication.

Why Hillary's still very much in it. [As an aside, can I say for the record that anyone who says Hillary is not very much in it probably does not have a triple digit IQ?]

India's having an arms fair with more than 400 companies, of which more than half are "global firms". I think it's about time our political and military elite forget about this whole "rivalry" thing with India. It can only be a rivalry if, um, you can actually compete.

If Bill Kristol predicts something, it most likely will not happen. This is why Barack Obama should be worried. Very worried.

Eugene Robinson urges Democrats to stop being so damn paranoid.

Ayotallah Khamenei expounds on washing machines, puberty, and shaking hands. I also love that the URL for his website is simply www.leader.ir. Now that's a badass address. Seriously. After discovering this, I fully expect him to have a brown leather wallet with "Bad Motherfucker" written on it.

Some really interesting survey data on Pakistan. What's key here is that they surveyed rural areas too, which a lot of these foreign polling agencies/think tanks very rarely do. Pretty much every number in there is key so I'm not going to bother trying to synopsize the piece; just go read it yourself.

Danish police arrest suspects in connection with a plot to kill the Muhammad-cartoonists.

Last but not least, 20 things everyone should know. Some useful stuff here, but really, who the hell doesn't know how to change a tire?


Farooq said...

I didnt know how to change a tire.

Anonymous said...

Or how to spell it farooq ;-)

Aerosmith...how can any generation not be seduced by their music??? Assuming they dont see Steven Tyler's appearance that is, that'll just scare them away.


Ahsan said...

actually adeel, you can spell tire oe of two ways. i think it's an american/british english thing.

and farooq, that's very disappointing. anyway, at least you know now. by the way, one thing i never understand is this whole "shave in the direction of hair growth" thing. how can you tell what direction the hair on your face is growing? it's too short isn't it? does someone want to help me out here?

Anonymous said...

aha, thanks ahsan and please excuse me farooq.

the sleep bit was very useful, no more sheesha at night!