Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stuff To Read For Wednesday

Too busy to write a complete post, but I'm providing some links for your reading pleasure.

The Israel Lobby and British Foreign Policy.

Musharraf strikes a conciliatory tone. Not.

MoDo rips the Clintons again. Honestly, the best thing about this campaign has been the NYT op-ed attacks on the Clintons. It's like they all got together in a room and said, "Let's make Krugman feel like an ass for six months, ok?"

Andrew Symonds is being a big baby. Or a money-grubbing big baby. Or a politically unaware jackass extraordinaire money-grubbing big baby. He's definitely being one of those things.

You know, people will have sorts of opinions of Musharraf's legacy, but one thing's for sure. He deserves a large amount of credit for our relations with India today. I mean, sometimes you have to pinch yourself when you realize that India and Kashmir was simply not an election issue and that most major parties have given their assurances to India to continue the peace process. Sometimes normalcy and the complete absence of anything happening is an exceedingly good thing.

Hey, did you know Pearl Harbor "was when the Vietnamese dropped bombs in a harbor, and it started the Vietnam War"?

London and New York try to give bottled water the boot.

The French invent rubber that mends itself, even if sliced in two.

Can someone please explain to me why newspapers bother quoting Imran Khan on anything? The man presides over a highly unsuccessful party, didn't bother contesting elections this time, has no real policy wonkishness or oratory talent to speak of, and is somehow still considered a real politician. It's beyond me. I wish he would just go away.

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