Saturday, February 02, 2008

This Is A Somewhat Weird Moment

Right now I'm trying to figure out a game theory problem relating to penguins diving in water where seals may or may not be lurking (seriously). I should also add that I'm in a public computer lab. And four seats away from me, there is a man browsing pictures of half-naked women (well, really 7/8ths-naked women from this vantage point). He appears to be quite unabashed in this venture. Furthermore, he is eating Dominos pizza. I wish I was making this up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am missing something, but what is your problem with what he is doing? Are you allergic to pizza?

Ahsan said...

hahahaha, no i'm not allergic to pizza. i guess it's just that i've been socialized into believing that you should exercise your freedom to sexually arouse yourself out of the public eye.

kala lun said...

eating pizza in computer lab? is that allowed? here in da states, we would be kicked out---wow man.

Ahsan said...

this *was* in "da" states. not only that, but he worked for the building i live in.

in other news, my laptop got stolen from my own room. man i love hyde park and the south side.

ahmadzak said...

well thats not that bad.. only a laptop got stolen. i've heard of worse things happening in hyde park. thats why you should move to goldcoast! here you can see 7/8th naked women by yourself.

Ahsan said...

my ipod too. man im so fucking pissed off right now, it's not even funny. fuck.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about the items that were stolen. It is such a violation for someone to help themselves to things that do NOT belong to them. It is a real sickness.

Regarding the man looking at the pix, isn't that one of the things the internet is for? Why does one have to look at almost naked people behind closed doors. Go to any beach and you will see worst.

Nikki said...

so isnt this a common site in US watchn 7/8th naked women even on the streets? or might be its just the peoples false perception.
Or was the guy just lazy enough to see all this sitting on his chair and eating pizza.

Farooq said...

Regarding your stolen stuff, give those West Indian detectives a call. I hear they're top notch at solving unsolveable crimes. Usual suspects might be Mushtaq Ahmed and Kamran Akmal. Maybe even Farhat because you're always bashing the poor guy.

Who else hates you enough to make off with your stuff? Lets see. You had that altercation with Mansour back at an OWU party but stealing laptops is not his usual MO. A month back I could have been a suspect but thanks to me being the bigger man, we buried the hatchet. God is another potential suspect - you've slandered him enough to raise hire ire.

Its a colorful list of suspects.

Ahsan said...


i'm a grad student. the only thing i can afford in the gold coast is the air.

yes i suppose rationally it doesnt make any sense for me to be uncomfortable. but i challenge you to be one of two people in a public computer lab while the other person is humming a melodious tune while eating chicken kickers and pizza and looking at dirty pictures. it's not as easy as it sounds.

i saw the motherfucker. fat lot of good it did me, but i saw him.