Thursday, February 14, 2008

This, My Friends, Is What You Call "Come From Behind"

No, this isn't a dirty joke post. Check this graph out. The purple line represents the average of Hillary Clinton's polling numbers (all the purple dots are individual polls). The orange line represents the average of Barack Obama's polling numbers (all the orange dots are individual polls).

The brown line, if you have weak eyesight, can be coded as "Delusional" or, if you prefer, Al Gore's polling numbers. I love how Gore polled higher than Edwards for large parts of the race despite not actually being in it.

State-by-state polls here. Remember, Hillary needs to win each of Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania by significant margins to stay in the race. Either that, or her team needs to pull some shenanigans.


AKS said...

Jesus, that's impressive. Almost as astonishing as the fall of Giuliani and Romney. If you cantry and post the Republican polling graph.

asfand said...

not to mention how mccain's middle name seems to be lazarus.