Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Conspiracy Of The Day

I'm not supposed to post until the end of the quarter, but the combination of finally getting my new computer and this letter from Dawn made it irresistible. My comments are in italics.
THIS is with reference to the spate of bombings that have rocked the country and seems to continue unabated during 2008.

The perpetrators of such inhuman acts are none other than the Taliban and Al Qaeda who are following their so-called agenda of jihad against anti-Islam forces and hell bent on destabilising Pakistan.

However, if we closely look at their activities (exactly how close are we talking here?) one would realise that their effective role is that of Indian and Israeli agents, because they are attacking Pakistani defence installations and killing Pakistani soldiers and law-enforcement agencies’ personnel – something that Indians love to do (almost as much as dancing in the rain). They are stabbing in the back the Muslim world’s only nuclear power (dear Sir, you can only stab your own people in the back. Quite clearly, you do not consider Indians to be your own people...so how are they stabbing us in the back?).

The day Lt-Gen Mushtaq Ahmed Baig was martyred – the highest ranking officer to fall — generals in the Indian army officers’ messes must have clicked their heels (especially General Tinkerbell Singh...he's a real heel-clicker) and clinked champagne glasses ("a votre sante!"). Their hearts must have been gladdened by such brutal acts which, if planned by the Indian agents, must have taken decades to execute (really? A simple suicide bombing takes decades to execute? By that logic, we must have started planning Kargil when Napoleon was running around in tight pants). I really wonder how can the perpetrators of such heinous acts call themselves Muslims and act in the name of Islam.

The Indian army has always devised plans to engage the Pakistan army on Pakistan’s western/northwestern front (except for the whole "Kashmir" thing and the whole "blockade of Karachi thing" and the whole "battle on the plains of Punjab" thing. Other than that, yes, their plans center on the Western front) with the connivance of Afghan elements but never succeeded. The Indians and Israelis (because if there's one thing a country with more than 200 nuclear weapons that ranks among the top 20 in the world in terms of GDP per capita is concerned with, it's us) must have been gloating, in their heart of hearts, at the predicament of President Musharraf and Pakistan.

The Taliban, working on the Indian and Israeli agenda, have done exactly what these anti-Pakistan elements desire. Thousands of army troops and FC personnel are engaged on our western and northwestern frontier to thwart their nefarious designs of destabilising Pakistan.

I was really saddened to read the letter (Aug 14) by Asia, widow of a man who died in the recent bomb blasts in Lahore.

I share her grief and agree with her when she addresses Baitullah Mehsud and says: “How are you going to explain that you have killed so many innocent people, made so many widows, and deprived so many little children of their father’s love? I hope that you have enough conscience left in you to think about these questions…….You know that you will surely go to hell for what you are doing. There is still time to repent. God is very forgiving (but even He must has his limits when confronted with limitless stupidity).”



ali juice said...

aww bechara...
having said that, a growing number of pakistanis think in this way - partially due to ridiculous opinions embraced and perpetuated in popular media, partially due to i don't know. my question is, how do you counter and dissuade a people's thinking when more and more of them start believing this type of stuff?
how can you tackle this effectively, realistically, and without aggressively attacking individuals?

these are my genuine questions and i'm welcome to suggestions...

Ahsan said...

you can't. the problem with conspiracy theories, as i've said many times on this blog, is that they are unfalsifiable. there are literally no sets of circumstances or outcomes that will prove the conspiracy theory wrong (in that respect, calling it a "theory" is a misnomer). no matter what logic or reason you use, the conspiracy theorist will turn it around as evidence of the success of the conspiracy (i.e "you think that? hahaahhaa that's what they WANT you to think. see, they're so good at it, they've fooled you.")

juice said...

i was once easily persuaded by certain types of conspiracy theories, like 8-10yrs ago. what made me grow out of it, or "change my mind"? i'm thinking maybe it was a very radical-leftist poli sci undergrad career. cause it sure as hell wasn't my own common sense...i was naive yo.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's what happens in a country where the intelligence services (both domestic and foreign) play such an important role. Politics is highly elite-based. Everything looks shady....so ppl assume the worst. Plus it's very entertaining.