Friday, March 21, 2008

If You're Thinking Of Wasting The Time, Dear, Let This Man Dissuade You

Many thanks to Faraz for sending in this video.


NB said...

Im so proud of Pakistan dude. Im not being sarcastic. Were so werid.

Love the rims, and the vatta bowler with no runup.

th said...

I am hypnotized by this guy's crazy disco dancing! And I loved the following comment on YouTube about this video

This is the very reason why pakistan is a state of emergency..

Anonymous said...

dudes got some moves. you have to respect that. nb/aks i know you have to be a little jey-lus.

Omar said...

Its when I see things like this that I feel I should just throw in the towel and not try to be a musician in Pakistan. How the hell does one compete with this?

NB said...


I am jeylus only of AKS' moves. And his wings, but now hes cut them.


After analyzing Daler Mehndi, Arif Lo, and now this chap, I would suggest that the key is to have a really really ridiculous and stupid video featuring a terrible wardrobe and plastic dinosaurs in the background.

Ahsan said...

by the way, without exaggeration, i've watched this video at least 10 times in the last two days. i also showed it to the WTB (wife-to-be), and she has cursed me ever since for getting the song stuck in her head.

Anonymous said...


dude! please dont forget aks's signature move: i'll-slap-you-while-we-dance. aks dont even try to deny it!

Anonymous said...


by the way, without exaggeration, I've watched this video at least 25 times in the last four days!

And I'm starting to like the song too!


Does anybody else love how it's don't waste THE time and not just don't waste time?