Friday, March 07, 2008

More On Scientology And Dianetics

Since AKS' internet issues continue to plague him, I am posting this flyer AKS received, the "third in recent months near [my] work" on Sharah-e-Faisal.

You can click on it for a better view. Personally, my answer to the question posed would be the second multiple-choice option, but that's just me.


naqiya said...

whoa! scientology in karachi?? weird! i wonder if the mullas will rate this as above or below amhedia (ahmedi-ism?) on this list of most hated religious ideologies..?

Ahsan said...


jews are significantly worse than ahmedis. if i were to put together a mullah hitlist, it would look something like :

1. jews
2. ahmedis
3. hindus
4. ismailis
5. buddhists
6. catholics
7. protestants
8. scientologists

Ali Adeni Ghory said...
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AKS said...

@ Ahsan

Surely Shias / Sunnis (depending on the Mullah) should be up there!

And what about women?

@ Naqiya

The weird part is just how many people have started attending Diantetics 'seminars.' I found out that two people from my office have gone to a seminar, and that to more than once.

You've got to credit for their marketing strategy that targets office workers who are all looking to get ahead. In this way not only are they able to attract people, they are able to attract young, educated and reasonably well off people into their fold.

I'm planning on going this friday to one of their sessions. I'll report once I've done so.