Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Population Control, India Style

There are, broadly speaking, two ways by which population growth can slow. First, you can institute policies that result in fewer people being born. Second, you can institute policies that result in more people dying. Officials in Madhya Pradesh, it appears, are trying both.
A bandit-infested region of India is trying to persuade men to undergo sterilisation by offering to fast-track their gun license applications, an official said on Tuesday.

Officials in central Madhya Pradesh state's Shivpuri district decided to adopt the policy -- already tried out by some neighbouring states -- to increase the low vasectomy rate.

"I came to know that it had to do with their perceived notion of manliness," said Manish Shrivastav, administrative chief of Shivpuri district, part of the Indian Chambal region, which is famed for its lawlessness and bandits.

"I then decided to match it with a bigger symbol of manliness -- a gun license," he said. "And the ploy worked."

Vasectomy rates have soared since the policy was introduced last month, he added, although those undergoing sterilisation are still required to meet all regulations governing arms licenses.

"Over 150 men have got themselves sterilised since we have offered the gun license preference. I expect another 100 by the end of this month," Shrivastav told AFP.


Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea that should be adopted in Pakistan.

Think of all those jihadis who will not leave behind progeny with their defective genes if they are given gun-permits in exchange for vasectomy.

Anonymous said...

but now theyve got guns.....