Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three Interesting Links

The first one, from Slate, does some investigative work via Google's cache feature to get the scoop on the whorehouse, er, "escort service firm" that Eliot Spitzer used. It's called Emperors' Club - a suitably grand title I would say - and though its website has been disabled, you can still see what it contained thanks to google. So if you want to see the models' resumes (Maglia "speaks six of the world's leading languages fluently"), be educated on the EC's core clientele ("92 percent of Emperors' Club International Members are CEO / Owner / Partners of a large - often international - corporation"), or peruse their deals and prices ("Gift Certificates Available Upon Request"), head on over. Sorry guys, but no pictures are available, though I'm guessing "models" ranging from $1100 to $3100 probably don't look like Queen Latifah.

The second one, courtesy Nikhil, describes how the Indian Parliament took as factually correct claims that were contained in a spam-email. It then reproduced said claims in a discussion in the Rajya Sabha in an exercise in chest-puffery and self-back-pattery. Too bad they weren't true.

The third one, courtesy Adeel, shows yet more evidence of how dumb everyone at Real Madrid is (not that we needed much evidence after the Getafe goal a couple of weeks ago). An Italian TV presenter pretended to be Nicholas Cage, of all people, and received red-carpet treament at the Bernabeu during the Champions League game against Roma. He was even given a personalized shirt by Real President Calderon, though what a guy named Calabresi is going to do with a "Cage" Real shirt is somewhat beyond me. Maybe he can sell it back to the club for 19 million Euros, surely a bargain price for those at the helm at Real.

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AKS said...

And that's $1,100 - $3000 per hour! Crazy Money.

Speaking of Real Madrid, Cassano's given an interview wherein he has revealed his various sexual perversions! Cassano is of course well known for his antics, which in the past has included him 'playing a prank' his team mates by taking a crap in their beds. Gem of a guy.