Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday Poll: Last Week's Results And This Week's Poll

The votes are in.

Last week we asked: irrespective of whether or not you can vote, who would you like to see become the next U.S. President? In a landslide, Barack Obama won 44 of 65 votes, registering 67% of the Five Rupees electorate. John McCain was second with 11 votes, and Hillary Clinton finished third, falling one vote behind the Senator from Arizona.

For my mind, I refuse to believe our blog has 11 individual John McCain supporters. I simply don't buy that notion. I have a feeling people either weren't being entirely serious, or one or two supporters took this too seriously and used different computers to vote repeatedly.

Anyway, this week the poll focuses on the Eliot Spitzer scandal. We want to know who you feel greater sympathy for. Is it Silda Wall Spitzer, the wife of Eliot Spitzer and the mother of his children, a woman who stood by her husband in front of the press while her husband admitted to his dalliances with prostitutes? Or is it Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the prostitute who "served" Eliot Spitzer and now has her name, images, and MySpace page plastered all over the papers and blogs?


Anonymous said...

you might have discussed this before but could you remind me whats the point of these polls anyway? is this just a way for you to figure out (roughly) how many people visit your blog??? Dont forget to subtract the McCain supporters who use different computers to vote repeatedly!!

Ahsan said...


we have sitemeter and google analytics to figure out how many visit the blog. the poll is just for kicks, an add-on that (i think) makes visiting the blog more fun and interactive.

changinguppakistan said...

Is there really a question about who we should feel more sympathy towards? I was reading the article on the Dupre girl, and the whole time I kept thinking "Give me a break." Oh boo-hoo, you're an aspiring singer and you're afraid people hate you now. I mean, seeing Silda Spitzer's face on the news made me feel terrible - that woman had to have some willpower to stand up next to that idiot - she looked so drained and tired by the whole ordeal.

Ahsan said...


my only comment would be that (a) she's a *prostitute*, and no one ever chooses to become a prostitute, and (b) now everyone (including family, friends, people who knew her in school but forgot about her) KNOWS she's a prostitute. from now until she's dead and buried, people will think of her as a whore, and nothing more.

early voting, however, indicates people agree with you.

changinguppakistan said...


Yes, in most countries, esp. those with high degrees of human trafficking, people don't choose to become a prostitute/sex slave. That is a horrific atrocity and deplorable crime. However, from what I've read, (and I could be wrong) Dupre was a prostitute of her own accord. In this country, the reality is that sex sells - a woman can earn more money being a high-end call girl or "exotic dancer" rather than a more "regular" job (I used quotes because regular can mean a variety of things). As a female, I don't feel sorry for a woman who CHOSE this line of work, regardless of her reasoning, and now has to face the repercussions of those said actions - she'll probably use the press to jump start her career even further. This is America, after all - a society in which even the trashiest people get their own reality show and moment in the spotlight. More importantly, I definitely don't feel MORE sorry for her over Silda Wall Spitzer, a woman that was humiliated publicly and now has to pick up the pieces of her marriage to a man who made a mockery of her and their family.

I'm sorry if I seem harsh - the whole attention on Dupre in the newspapers today just pissed me off. :)

Ahsan said...


these are fair points and i won't argue against them. however, i think we are approaching the question from two different angles. you seem to be asking the question: "who is least deserving of her fate?" the answer to that is SWS for sure. the question i'm asking is: "who will suffer more as a result of this scandal?" i don't know the answer to that, which is why i don't know who to feel more sorry for.