Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday Poll: Last Week's Results And This Week's Poll

The votes are in.

Last week we asked: how would you classify skin-lightening products such as Fair and Lovely? Do you think of them as (a) something sinister, which entrenches disempowerment by reifying race-based opinions of what constitutes beauty, or (b) a cosmetic product like any other which consumers are free to reject; no more racially charged than getting a tan?

In a tight race, sinister beat harmless 23-21.

This week's question concerns population control measures. We want to know if you think strict government imposed population control measures - like China's one-child only policy - are fair. Furthermore, should Pakistan employ them?


Ali said...

getting a tan IS racially charged

Ali said...

when white/caucasian ppl do it, IMO.

naqiya said...

vaguely connected:
facebook tells me there is a new support group for mothers/mothers-to-be in karachi...i was intrigued, so i went to the website, only to be super confused by the white mom and white baby staring back at me....are brown mothers not mother enough?

Sualeha said...

Weldon moms is a great concept and certainly a first. I think the white-woman and the white baby (if you must classify it that way) is only to give the idea of the lifestyle the service is catering to.
I tried the service WeldonMoms with my first kid and trust me, I've never seen such compassion and dedication as I experience in the people who run it...