Monday, April 07, 2008

The Art Of Discovery

We all know that Javed Miandad picked Wasim Akram literally off the street, and Waqar Younis only rose to prominence because Imran Khan happened to be watching television when the former was bowling. Well, get ready for the story of how Spike Lee found Rosie Perez - you may remember her as Woody Harrelson's really annoying girlfriend from White Men Can't Jump.
So we had my birthday party in L.A. at this club called Funky Reggae. There was this girl dancing like mad on a speaker. I said, “Will you please get down before you break your neck and I get sued?” She cursed me out. I never heard a voice like that. I said, “What’s your name?” She said, “Rosie Perez.” That’s where I got the idea that Mookie should have a Puerto Rican girlfriend.

Trust me, dude. I never heard a voice like that either.


Asad said...

try fran drescher ('the nanny') and chandler's annoying girlfriend janice, from friends.

Ali said...

those two chics don't spit rapid fire in that screechy voice the way rosie perez does though.

this passage is from lee's biography by kaleem aftab too. spike lee also discovered martin lawrence (for the same movie as rosie, 'do the right thing' - ultimate favourite movie) and halle berry (as a $2 crack whore playing samuel jackson's girlfriend in 'jungle fever')

zeyd said...

Really dude? Just join the puerto rican parade in manhattan and keep your ears open. I remember walking by one dude who had a massive boa constrictor wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Crazy puerto ricans!

Ahsan said...

you know, zeyd, on my list of things to do before i die, "join the puerto rican parade in manhattan" is pretty low down, i have to tell you.

zeyd said...

Out of interest, what exactly is on your list of things to do before you die?