Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breaking News: Nerds And Dumbasses Don't Get Laid In High School

Some earth-shattering revelations from a scientific study:
The team looked at 1000s of representative teens grades 7-12 in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and The Biosocial Factors in Adolescent Development datasets, both of which include an IQ test, and include detailed sexual experience questions ranging from hand-holding to intercourse. As with the other study there was a curvilinear relationship: students with IQs above 100 and below 70 were significantly less likely to have had intercourse than those in between. Also like the other study, they found teens with IQs ranging from 75 to 90 had the lowest probability of virginity (the authors note this is also the same IQ range where propensity towards crime peaks).

Thanks to Lindsey for passing this along.


nikhil said...

This explains my exclusive relationship with my friend palmela

Ahsan said...


So which end of the curve were you at?

zeyd said...

Interesting. I would have thought that the dumbass jocks got laid more than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure about my IQ level earlier, But if I calculate backwords (counting the number of girls I have been "happy" with), My IQ level is definately good..
Thanks Ahsan for the enlightenment..