Friday, April 25, 2008

Breaking News: Zia's Plane Crash Not Due To Technical Failure

Apparently, some form of human interference may have been involved.
ISLAMABAD: The death of former president Ziaul Haq in a C-130 plane crash was an act of sabotage and was not caused by any technical fault, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Technical Investigator Naseem Ahmad said on Thursday.

Addressing the ‘Media Training Workshop on Aircraft Accidents Investigations’ organised by the CAA at a local hotel, Naseem said that around 82 percent aircraft accidents occurred because of human error and not technical problems. “It was not a technical problem,” he replied to a question regarding the 1988 air crash, which killed Ziaul Haq and over two dozen senior military officers.


naqiya said...

even if it is true, is anyone surprised? really?

Ahsan said...

My, my, how the tables have turned. NOW who doesn't get sarcasm?

OF COURSE it wasn't a technical error. Just a pointer: any time I use the words "Breaking News", it means the complete opposite of "Breaking News".

naqiya said...



you suck

i take back any compliments given under any false names ever


Wasiq said...

I did find the timing of this report somewhat strange.

Does anyone care ab out the Zia crash "mystery" any more? I mean, haven't we moved on?

Ahsan said...


I actually care very deeply about this (I'm not being sarcastic). Why haven't we received a definitive verdict on which parties were responsible? This topic is what is known in academia as an after-tenure project. Rest assured, I will tackle it in due course (um, like 10 years or so).