Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chant Of The Day

Man United are a scary goddamn team right now. They have all the right in the world to be as optimistic as they seem to be:
Uhoh Uhoh Uhoh
United are one the way to Moscow
We beat Lyon with ease
Roma were a breeze
Now for the win at camp Nou!!

One thing's for sure, and that is that this tie will have to provide all the entertainment in the semi-finals; we're sure as hell not going to get it from Chelsea-Liverpool (again).


Asfandyar said...

Both teams won't fail us.

Barca have incredible attacking quality and lets admit it, they really don't know how to defend too well.

Which means that we'll get a chance to have a go at them, especially since lynchpin Puyol is out for the first leg atleast :D

First leg away at the Nou Camp also. Any idea whether Messi will be back for the games? I read something about how he hoped to or believed he'd be back...

Ahsan said...

yeah puyol's an idiot. he really does some inane things sometimes. if this means maruqez has to slot in as a center-back, i'm prepared for 12 united goals at least (and that too in the first half).

messi will be back. i think the team for the first leg will be:

center backs: marquez and milito
right back: zambrotta
left back: abidal

midfield: iniesta, xavi, yaya toure.

up front: henry on the left, messi on the right, and eto'o in the middle.

Asfandyar said...

Best thing is, as a football fan I really can't see either game being boring or devoid of goals.

As a United fan though, that really worries me :o

Still, I was a bit peeved with Henry and Rijkaard coming out and saying that there are no favourites in the tie (mostly cause we've been in incredible form and are for the first time in an age being professional in Europe), but they are right.

Both teams have far too much talent on the pitch and on the benches for there to be any favourites. Only thing going for United is that Barca aren't exactly playing fantastic. That matters little though when you've got Messi, Henry, Etoo, Iniesta, Bojan, Dos Santos, Gudjohnsen :S

Ahsan said...

rijkaard and henry KNOW united are the favorites, but they sure as hell can't say it, can they? they're not exactly the two most popular dudes in catalunya right now, and pronouncing united the favorites in the press, while probably wise tactically, is an invitation to murder delivered straight to the local media's doorstep.

fact is, united are playing the best football in europe since, ironically, barca in '06. meanwhile barca are playing the crappiest football they've ever done in the rijkaard era. combine that with the second-leg-at-home advantage, and there's no question who the favorites are.

goc said...

glory glory ManU!

zeyd said...

I think the Vidic injury has evened things out quite a bit (not to mention that Rio is playing hurt). Manures defense is as shaky as Barcas at the moment and the return of Messi would definitely even things up. I really do think it's even and who knows, the best player in the world might decide the final outcome...c'mon lionel!

Here's hoping for a Chelsea-Barca final in Moscow!

Adeel said...

Since you guys are into football, I would suggest checking out what happened in yesterdays UEFA cup qtr final between Bayern and Getafe. 1-1 from the 1st leg in Munich the second leg in Madrid saw Getafe lose a player after 7mins, then score end of first half...only for Ribery to tie it on the 89th minute! Then, Getafe got 2 in the first 3 mins of extra time and Bayern got two in the last 5 mins to win on away goals! As a Bayern fan...sheer madness. And remember, they're back in CL next season with Klinsmann as coach :-)

AKS said...

Whatever, who cares about stupid Man U and dumb Barca and automaton Bayern. Football is for sissies. Champions League is so over-rated any way. Oooh look, we hit a dead animal through a couple of dead tree trunks, aren't we cool...uh, NO! Football's stupid.

And Liverpool is the shittiest place in the world.

Boris for Mayor.

Asfandyar said...

Rio isn't playing hurt. He was fine in the second half against Roma; all he'd gotten was a cut that needed 3 stitches :D

Vida may even be back on the weekend against L'Arse, and we've got Citizen Neville back aswell. Our defense hardly looks shaky. We'll see that theory tested well at the weekend though.

And Adeel, that Bayern game was ridiculous. Don't Bayern know when to bugger off? Great game though, felt bad for Laudrup afterwards.

Ahsan said...


it's not just about defense at this point. barca lack the penetration of the last couple of years. this is primarily but not exclusively due to the precipitous decline of ronaldinho and deco, two guys who were absolutely crucial in cutting up opposing defenses. they scored ONE goal at home against schalke, and that too, it wasn't a typical barca goal. they've won ONE of their last five league games. they're playing like a mid-table team right now, and the only reason they are where they are is because they played two relatively weak teams in the knockout stages (celtic and schalke).

aks: you and nikhil, at some point, should have a conversation.

Nikhil said...

liverpool is undoubtedly the shittiest place on the planet in every single aspect.

zeyd said...


football is for sissies? try telling that to a certain brazilian born croatian named eduardo.

AKS said...

@ zeyd

I am very rarely to be taken seriously.

Eduardo's injury demonstrates clearly how physical a sport football really is. As it turned out, the injury was also the turning point of Arsenal's season. Since I'm an Arsenal supporter I've been having a few awful weeks. Now I could blame the team and Arsene but I'm not a fair weather friend (like Zardari) so I'd rather blame the sport as a whole.

Adeel said...

Arsenal fan? Dude, I grieve for you, always baffling to see talent like that implode....