Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Indecipherable Quote Of The Day

Here's Jermaine O'Neal on the playoff race in the East, after Indiana beat Atlanta and pulled within two games of the Hawks:
I was telling some fans yesterday I wish we had 10 more games, five more games, because we’re starting to get in a rhythm. We’re starting to take a disposition about ourselves on both ends of the floor.

There are two options here. First, I could choose not to be an asshole and not point out that dude didn't go to college. Second, I could choose to be an asshole and point out that dude didn't go to college. Oh, look! Fate made the choice for me (yes, I know...I'm an asshole).

I'm only joking. I actually love Jermaine - he's always been one of the more perceptive and self-aware guys in the NBA. But, man, does that sentence sound stupid.


zeyd said...

Yeah, even more so considering that he's taken the majority of the season off without really working hard and pushing for an earlier return (plenty of pundits calling him out on this). Now the douche wants another 5-10 games to make the playoffs? Fuck off jermaine.

ali said...

have you seen spike lee's 'he got game'?
watch it

Ahsan said...


yeah, i've seen it.