Friday, April 04, 2008

Nothing To Talk About

These past few days have been exceedingly quiet. Usually the beginning of the quarter is when I can blog most, but there's simply not much to blog about. In Pakistan, the elections have been held, the cabinet and government formed, and Musharraf neutered if not altogether dispensed with. All we're left is the usual cloaks-and-daggers stuff of Pakistani politics, with back room deals, the peddling of misinformation, and mutual back-scratching, this time related to the reinstatement of the judiciary. In the U.S., there's nothing of interest happening, what with the Pennsylvania primary still three weeks away. I have nothing whatsoever to add to Osman's piece on the Shoaib saga, dripping as it was with the contemptuous resignation that I feel. Barca are, for all intents and purposes, through, and no one knows anything about the West in the NBA (and no one cares about the East), so that too is off the table. So since there's nothing to talk about, I'm just going to provide some links for you guys to enjoy over the weekend.

Here's an article from New York magazine that examines what makes Jhumpa Lahiri such a good writer. Her new set of short stories is now out. As I told the WTB last week, she's great and I thoroughly enjoyed both The Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake, but I don't think I can stomach another round of Indian-immigrants stories. She's a brilliant writer; she should use her gift in more diverse ways.

Here's an article I read more than a month ago but forgot to link to it. It's about this little Norwegian town about 600 miles from the North Pole which doesn't get direct sunlight for about 6 months of the year, and where the first glint of light is greeted with, well, I'll let them tell it.
“Look at it!” they shouted in unison. “Look at it!” The scientists hugged, did little jigs in the snow, and then stood motionless, awe-struck. Back on campus in town, advance reports about the solar spotting filtered in, and other students headed off on snowmobiles to check it out.

“How did it look?” a student asked, as others clustered around a returnee peeling off his outer clothes in the lobby of the institute, University Studies in Svalbard, named for the island.

“Beautiful,” he said. Then he thought for a moment and added, “Bright!”

Guess I really shouldn't complain about the Chicago weather now, huh?

Gordon Brown is enlisting Carla Bruni to give Britain a sense of style and sophistication. Methinks you should walk before you run. In this case, the British nation should probably visit a dentist before getting advice from an ex-supermodel. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

I hate Facebook (and was betrayed by the WTB, who joined last week, leaving me all alone in non-Facebookville) but even I have my limits. A man in Saudi Arabia killed someone for using it. Maybe it's because that someone was his daughter, and that daughter was chatting to a male, and the father is vile, despicable scum? Dunno.

Finally, from the where-have-I-seen-this-before department, Rafa Benitez is going to rotate and there's trouble in Zimbabwe. Have a good weekend, guys.


zeyd said...

Don't worry bro, I'm still your neighbour in non-Facebookville!

Ahsan said...

A fast dwindling population, my friend.