Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Our People

From a story on the BBC website today:
The family of the woman, who was married, had reported to the local Taleban that she had run off with a man from a nearby district.

The Taleban received a tip off that the couple would be travelling on a certain bus - they stopped the vehicle and abducted the couple.

A Taleban spokesman said the couple confessed to adultery before a Taleban court, and were stoned to death that night.

The Taleban have killed people in this way in Afghanistan in the past, but this is believed to be only the second time that they have done so in Pakistan.

Remember, kids: they're our people.


PostMan said...

Yes. They are our people and this is one of local flavours of Islam.

Apart from the veracity of the story, Stoning to death is no where mentioned in Quran. It just mentions lashes (24:2). And lashes are not to 'kill them' but as a public admonishment.

But who an argue. They have beards, shalwars above their ankles and they pray! much better than us!


zeyd said...

And after stoning them to death, their bodies were kindly returned to their families. How thoughtful!

Ali said...

what do you mean "they're our people". was that meant sarcastically? who is "our people"? are we talking "pakistanis" as our people? if so, what makes one "pakistani"?

Ahsan said...


yes, it was sarcasm.

PostMan said...

I do not think it can be termed sarcastically.. 'they are our people' .. taliban are pakistani (tribal belt ones) and then they represent a version of islam (our people there too)

AKS said...

@ Postman

I have to agree with you on the issue of the 'stoners' being "our people." (It does at times seem that the country is in denial about this.)

However, personally I don't care what the Quran says. You interpret it as meaning lashes, they interpret it as stoning. The thing is neither the Talibam (PK), nor you or I, should be allowed to implement our beliefs at our personal discretion. I think it's easy to point out that the Taliban are mis-interpreting the Quran but much harder to state that the problem lies with having a system that allows laws to be amended / implemented as per the theological / ideological whims of who ever's in charge.

I'm not necessarily advocating a secular state; that would not be prudent.

I'm advocating a legal system (i.e. laws and administration of justice) that is not at the sole mercy of the person in power.
I do however, feel that having a legal system premised on Divine Law makes it easier for the person in power to force his/her beliefs on society.

@ Ahsan

Were you being sarcastic in your second comment?

@ Ali

In my view you're a Pakistani if you qualify for a Pakistani passport.

PostMan said...

It means 'lashes' and not stoning. I totally agree that having a divine stick in your hand makes it ramming it in easily. sorry. whatever. Thats the reason you get people stoning to death other people.

Its all things religion. lets fight it thorugh religion.