Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pakistani Politics - Same Old Crap

For a while it had seemed that we were heading towards a glorious tomorrow. A new age of hope, borne out of the courage and insight of one extraordinary man. A man who would dedicate his life to the prosperity of his nation, who might've dared to shun material rewards for the benefit of his people; a man who was more than a man. We would know him only as Prophet Z and offer prayers that his soul find eternal solace, playing polo with the Gods of Olympus.

Alas, just as he was about to achieve his lofty goals, "they pulled [him] back in." (
Godfather III anyone?)
It was only a week ago that Saint Z visited the fabled dungeons of Nine Zero and shouted "Jeay Altaf" to the adoring masses, who in turn responded with "Jeay Bhutto." Their great and mighty leader looked giddy before launching into a glorious speech that only a coke sniffing, pill popping tourette sufferer can relate to. And so was laid the foundation of a new tomorrow; even Qin Shi Huang would be proud. (Click here to view a video of the Altaf Zardari love-in)

But as the new Sindh Assembly took oath everything went wrong. The PPP jiyalas went berserk,
ransacked the assembly and beat up Arbab Rahim (video). The MQM announced an indefinite boycott. And just to add to the all round democratic behaviour, all GEO and ARY tv channels went off air after they showed the rowdy images from the Sindh Assembly. (Interestingly this story has received scant coverage.)

And to top it all off, COAS General Kayani gave a
'National Interest' speech. (I believe it's his first, but may be not his last.)

Can't you just smell the sweet scent of Democracy?
P.S. Oh and just to give us more hope, an MQM stalwart went on air and stated that "if [the PPP] can bring hundreds into the assembly hall, we can bring thousands." Oh, joy.


Ahsan said...

this is comforting. i had a strange sense of dread with the PPP and MQM getting along, like when your day is going *too* well and you know something bad is going to happen. this way, normal service is resumed and there's less to worry about.

zeyd said...

Lol. Sorry aks, at no point did I think we're ''heading towards a glorious tomorrow''. That's kinda why I don't give a shit about politics; ain't nothing gonna change - not in our lifetime or our children's.

It's similar to the israel-palestine conflict. From around age 17-19 the entire thing really used to perturb me. But now? Fuck it dude. What's the point?