Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Really Interesting Links

I'm delivering the goods today. You guys will throughly enjoy all of these. If you don't, there's something wrong with you.

The infamous Israel Lobby has a new member, one that hopes to change its right-wing message. Of course, having 1/100th of AIPAC's funding might prove to be an issue. To get a taste of what they're up against, please read this Charles Krauthammer piece, riddled with so much incoherent bullshit that I don't even know where to start.

This is a great story about elevators and about some dude whose life changed - for the worse - after getting stuck in one. The WTB has always said that we should subscribe to the New Yorker when we get married, and stories like this make me more inclined to agree. It's brilliant, but long, so wait until you get home if you're at work (or if you're Faraz, you can read it at work).

Why are there so many more eligible men than women? Slate explains all, with the aid of game theory.

Indians watch "Khuda Kay Liye" and discover Pakistani women are allowed to drive and go to university. They are, of course, shocked beyond comprehension.

I think the U.S. sometimes needs to be reminded Pakistan, despite protestations to the contrary, is not the 52nd state.

And finally, Nawaz Sharit gives an interview to The Guardian. God, he's annoying.


Shahab Riazi said...

In the spirit of your post, I would like to point to an interesting link as well:

where OPEN (Org. of Pakistani Entrepreuners) is holding its fifth annual OPEN Forum in Silicon Valley at the SAP Campus in Palo Alto, CA on Jun 14th 2008. This is an all day event with exciting speakers and an opportunity to network with Professionals and Entrepreuners. In the past, OPEN has had California Governer, Jerry Brown, Pres. Pervez Musharraf and Mark Mikos as speakers.
Feel free to reach out to me at for more questions or comments about the event.

Faraz said...

Listen you self important MQM supporter, I haven't read your site from work in a week. I've been really really busy doing many important corporate things. I'd explain them, but I'm certain your hippie phd minded brain won't be able to get around the significance of my work

Asad said...

ahsan isn't a hippie.
for one, they're about love.
ahsan, on the other hand...
also, i've never seen a hippie spaz out about discrete math.

Faraz said...

That's true.. I take that back and change my statement to your fascist comment-deleting Islam-bashing phd minded brain

adeel said...

wabbit season, duck season, wabbit season, duck season, wabbit season...ahsan season fire!!

Farooq said...

Dude the history of elevators in that New Yorker story was soooooooooo boring.

Ahsan said...

i promise you, i can delete retarded comments a lot faster than you can type them.

anyway, i thought the elevator story was brilliant. probably my favorite story in the last month for sure. i love the New Yorker, they always have the best writers.

Faraz said...

You only like it because it was in the New Yorker. You would have hated it if it was on Al-Jazeerah

Anonymous said...

Video of the elevator ordeal