Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wallowing In Self-Pity Quote Of The Day

Poor T-Mac:

It's my fault. It's my fault we missed free throws. It's my fault we lost both games. Blame me. It's my fault we fouled to tie the game up. That's my fault. It's my fault they get easy layups. It's my fault we're not executing well on the offensive end. It's my fault a couple people in the stands ordered Heinekens and they got Budweiser. It's my fault. I'm sorry. I am serious. It's my fault. Everything is my fault. It's my fault. It's T-Mac's fault. Everybody's blaming me. The Suns (for being down 2-0 to the Spurs). I mean, everybody. That's what it seems like. It's my fault. I'm out there by myself.

I think he should just save himself the trouble next year and ensure his team doesn't make the playoffs.


Nikhil said...

leave him alone. he did everything for that team for 3 quarters in game 2 (it was one of his top 3 performances ever, and he has had some glorious games)...he just didn't have anything left in the 4th. utah are a bruising team to play, and he had NO help.

Ahsan said...

Hahahaha, what am I saying, yaar? I'm not picking on him or anything, I'm just saying this woe-is-me attitude is getting a little old (now in its fourth straight year). I mean surely this soliloquy made you roll your eyes too?