Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Poll: Centers Of The World And Global Warming

Thanks to Naqiya's snide comments, I will merely list the results from last week's poll and move on to this week's question.

We asked which city is most likely to replace New York, if any, as the center of the world by 2030. The results were as follows:

Shanghai - 29%
Dubai - 24%
London - 18%
New York - 18%
Mumbai - 5%
Moscow - 3%

This week, we want your opinion on global warming and the threat it poses to humankind. What do you think the future holds? Are we doomed because how acute the problems of collective action, free riding, and natural shortsightedness are? Or do you believe that since human ingenuity has figured out solutions to most problems in the past, we'll figure this one out too? Let us know what you think.


naqiya said...

ahsan. you suck. seriously.

for the next three weeks (until i graduate and cant fuck around because i have to find a job), i’m going to compliment the shit out of every single post you write until you can take it like a man (woman?). clearly WTB doesn’t say enough nice things about you…

amjadia nawaz said...

i think global warming is an excellent topic for discussion. thank you so much for shedding light on this important issue. you are truly great.

Ahsan said...


Now *that* is something I agree with.



Ali said...

an example of a problem in the past solved by human ingenuity? just out of curiousity? also just so that i can have a comparator for 'global warming'?

Ahsan said...


Off the top of my head, the obviating of the food crisis in the 1970s with the introduction of the Green Revolution in India and China.