Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday Poll: Population Control And Embarrassing Moments

The votes are in.

Last week we asked two questions. First, are strict government-imposed population control measures such as China's one-child only policy fair? Second, should Pakistan employ such measures? The results are summarized in this table:




Pakistan should employ




Pakistan shouldn’t employ








A majority (59%) thought Pakistan should employ such measures despite an even larger majority (65%) thinking that these measures are unfair. Another conclusion that can be read is that if you think such measures are fair, you are almost certain to support their imposition.

For this week, we want to know which moment is more embarrassing in a social setting. Is it (a) spitting while you're talking in a small-sized group, or (b) telling a long, rambling story that was supposed to be funny but ended up falling flat in a medium-sized group? Let us know what you think.


naqiya said...

now when you say spitting, do you mean like a little spray while talking, or like an all out phlegm-expulsion bonanza that is on purpose?

i feel like generally the people who knowingly spit in public would not be embarrassed by it...

Ahsan said...

dude, aks said the EXACT same thing. uncanny. anyway, my response to aks was as follows:

dude. who the hell spits on purpose WHILE talking? really, i've lived almost 25 years now and have yet to meet such a person.

naqiya said...

are you serious?? have you ever lived in pakistan ever? people (men) will be talking and then mid sentence they'll take a break and spit out some crap to the side. sometimes its phelgm, sometimes its that red stuff that stains things forever. clearly someone needs to leave defence a little more!

nb: i propose ahsan's new middle name be "fancy"; he is clearly more fancy than i am...

Ahsan said...

yes, the key is they take a break (i.e. there's a lull, perhaps self-imposed, in the conversation). i'm asking about spitting *while* talking. i guess my wording could have been clearer.

i already have a middle name, thanks.

naqiya said...

i think this one is going to be a no-brainer...

Ahsan said...

yes, it certainly appears to be a landslide in the early going. i always choose the dumbest questions...they always end up with really lopsided results.

ali said...

these situations aren't even that embarassing...i mean, i do both all the time. my friends still accept me.

Ahsan said...

i'm sure you're an absolute delight to hang around with, ali.

NB said...

Hahah he is indeed. As Meeru wil also testify. Ali man, im reaching that pre-gdl hysteria point.

Ali said...

haha pre-GDL hysteria...i thought it could never recur. i'm goin thru a pre-LLM lull. they should call it lullM :|